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Craftsmen Consulting and Construction

Keith Fisher and Craftsmen come to your project with over two decades of experience in both commercial and residential construction. Keith directs all aspects of construction from start to finish; we handle all aspects of the process of construction; from site planning, to design, to permitting, to the finished product. We have our own in-house Certified Soil Evaluator (soil evaluations are now required prior to issuance of septic permits in Gunnison County) and Keith has a Septic Installer’s license which makes the process seamless. We have a firm knowledge of county requirements and the permitting process, OSHA requirements, HUD & USDA regulations, fire protection regulations, electric, plumbing, building codes, engineering standards, and architectural standards. Most of the homes we build are located in and around the mountains of Gunnison County and Pitkin, Colorado. We have many years of practical experience in these remote, challenging locations that characterize home-building projects in this unique mountain environment. Our long-standing positive relationships with local building officials and our in-depth knowledge of the local system serves our clients’ best interests and enables a smooth building process.

At Craftsmen, we specialize in hand-crafted quality and simple beauty. Throughout the mountains of Gunnison County, Craftsmen Construction has created homes and get-a-ways of distinction featuring: Quality, Practicality, and Efficiency in design and construction. No utilities? No problem! Off the grid energy and lifestyle solutions are just one of our many strengths. We work with our clients in order to build an efficient, stylish home which fits both the mountain environment and homeowners’ tastes. As a design-build firm we strive to incorporate efficiency into the design and remain cost-conscious on even the most challenging builds. 

Craftsmen Consulting in Pitkin Colorado

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Email: mckeithfish@msn.com
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